Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I choose you?
  • We have furnished over 130 apartments in more than 15 locations
  • We have 5+ years of experience furnishing properties
  • Our packages offer modern design, excellent quality and comfort at affordable prices and are a great value for money
  • All major items in our packages come with a 2-year warranty
  • Our packages are delivered and installed for free within 20 workdays from ordering
Why should I buy a furniture package?
  • Take use of quantity discount and save money
  • Save time by avoiding shopping around for different pieces of furniture
  • Have a professional pick the furniture that best fits your property
How can I order?
You can call us, e-mail us, or ask us to call you. After you tell us more about your apartment and wishes, we will tailor a package that fits perfectly into your property and give you a quote.
How much do I have to pay in advance?
We require a 75% initial deposit. The outstanding balance is due within 3 workdays after delivery.
What are the available discounts?
  • 3% discount if you are referred to us by a previous client of ours
  • 3% discount for full pre-payment
  • 3% discount for multiple units or a returning client
How can I pay?
Payments are made through same-day SWIFT bank transfer.
What happens after I order?
We send a member of our team to take measures for your fitted kitchen and start assembling your package. Once we are ready to deliver, you receive an e-mail from us letting you know of our progress. After everything is delivered and installed, we take photos of the finished project and send them to you so that you can show them to your friends and relatives.
How long before my apartment is fully furnished?
You will have your package delivered and installed in 20 workdays or less anywhere in Bulgaria. For over 130 apartments furnished, we have only 4 delays, and all these customers were properly compensated.
What warranty policies do you offer?
All major items in our packages (both electrical goods and furniture) come with a 2-year warranty.
Can you furnish my three-bedroom apartment/villa/house?
Yes. The packages on the website are the most requested ones. However, we can furnish three/four-bedroom apartments, villas, and houses as well. Contact us for further details.
Can I choose the colours for my furniture?
Sure. Ask us and we will send you the available colours to select from.
Can I order items not included in your packages?
Yes. A lot of our customers decide to include additional items in their orders. Tell us what you would like to add.
Do you offer express orders?
Yes. Our express orders are handled for up to 10 workdays and cost 10% extra.